You know you should... I wish you wood.

I am a woodworker, a maker, a tinkerer.  I am a father, a husband and a dog lover.  My favorite response is, "I can make that!"  I have a PhD in YouTube.  I love to tell stories and I love the stories behind products.  I love that my wife hates when I call our garage a woodshop.  I believe in sustainability, not only of goods and resources but also of skills and trades.  I believe that the slight imperfections found in my creations add to their character and story.  Nothing in my store is perfect but at least one of these items is perfect for you.  Take a look around.  Each piece has a tale to tell while helping a tail in need (you see what I did there?!?)! 
I wasn't always a woodworker.  I was a corporate executive that confused life style with living.  Technically, I rescued two dogs, but really they are the ones that rescued me!  For more on my why, check out my first blog post.  

I source my materials primarily from rescued wood and reclaimed wood.  Rescued wood or urban wood comes from trees that municipalities would cut down in city streets and throw in the landfill.  The grain patterns found in urban wood is stunning... formed from the plight of city pollution and harsh growing environments.  The urban wood I source is from Wisconsin and mainly from the Madison area.  It comes with a zip code and sometimes a street name.  

All my pieces are mindfully crafted using responsible practices.  All dog feeders use only human grade food safe materials and finishes along with all serving trays and cutting boards.  

A portion of all proceeds from sales goes toward supporting local and regional animal shelters.  Donations are given in the form which the organizations need them the most and will be most impactful from supplies, monetary giving, and/or product donations.  Subscribe to the blog for more information on the giving campaign.  

Thanks for visiting and for your support!  
Rescued Woodworks

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