A collection of works. An evolution of wares.  A testament to giving.

All of these pieces were mindfully handcrafted using sustainable lumber sources either thru reclaimed or rescued woods.  All of these pieces contribute to helping animal shelters and rescue organizations in need.  If you see something you like but that's not available in the shop, message me and I will do my best to create you what you crave.  Handcrafted in WI with the wood you grew up with!

Live edge Walnut Serving board or charcuterie board. I love the transitions from sapwood to hardwood and the unique characteristics of this branch piece!

A smattering of some of the small items I prepared for the holidays!

I dont always use coasters... but when I do they are ones that I made! hah! these 4x4 coasters are super handy!

I am always grateful for the support and purchases you guys make. I hope you can feel it in the work and the packaging! Thank you!

This charred Elm is striking in contrast to the channel steel legs! Rea Dunn ceramic bowls add another element to it as well.

I love these channel steel legged feeders! just raises the food off the ground enough but not too high! Small dogs need love also!

Ill help you get a handle on things when you need to cut things up! Hah! this 10x10 black walnut serving tray is oddly substantial... the proportions are just right...

I like rounds... I didn't do many of them in the beginning... but I am gonna start incorporating more! Stick a'round for more! Hah!

I made this for a charity event for the Humane Society called Bark and Wine... It was relevant... but so fun to make I added it to the store!

Something about two tone circles... love this piece... sharp lines and crisp edges make for a modern look!

I wonder what this barn beam's story is... It's making more stories watching as your dog frolics and eats from it!

Mulberry... the first and only piece that I got my hands on to make this feeder! The grain was stunning but the colors were the hero!

I didn't know how I would feel about hairpins on a raised dog feeder... they are so in right now so I took a gamble. LOVE IT! More hairpins on the way!

Every cutting board should have a lip! Keeps it from moving and holds it nice and steady!! This is the Mendota Locks edition!

This dog feeder has a lot of bark!! See what I did there?!? A great feeder for a smaller dog! Its still available! https://rescuedwoodworks.patternbyetsy.com/listing/521641581/warner-style-raised-dog-feeder-made-from

I like doing 3 stripes of contrasting wood in my edgegrain cutting boards... some thing zen about it... or maybe cause three rhymes with tree... who knows...

A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down they say... making spoons is my medicine! Some of these my 7 year old son helped carve!

Cutting boards don't have to be just functional... they can be aesthetically pleasing as well!

Honey Locust slab... this serving tray was seriously heavy and beefy... For the chef that has crossfit on the mind...

Charred Ash Raised wood feeder... the colors and grain pop were amazing. This one didn't last an hour on the site... someone drove to Madison to come pick it up! Thank you and I appreciate your support!

Charred Ash Raised wood feeder... the colors and grain pop were amazing. More of these to come!s

These narrow serving trays with live edge and railroad tie handles are minimalist rustic. Something about them...

This one went to a dog named Diego... great dog, great family, great story. I love staying connected with the families that purchase my pieces!

I want you to smell what my shop smells like when you open one of my packages... so I include hand planed shavings and curly q's with my items... dual purpose as eco friendly bubble wrap!

The Maple cleaver board... one of my favorites... The grain on this wood was unbelievable!

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