I started on this woodworking journey about a year ago, mainly I was just tinkering as a way to decompress from the crazy corporate lifestyle I used to live.  Somewhere along the way it turned into a little more than that.  I started accumulating tools... tools I didn't really even know how to use.  So I watched you tube videos on what to do with said tools... and my woodworking repetoire began to grow.  You buy a tablesaw and planer and you are supposed to make cutting boards apparently... You buy a bandsaw and a apparently you build bandsaw boxes and resaw logs.  You get a router table and you have toput a chamfer on everything...  You get the drift!  So I started to accumulate tools as an excuse to accumulate knowledge and increase my capabilities...  It was somewhere around there that I decided that I was going to make a go at starting my own business.  I went all in and fully committed and it has been a wild five months since that decision.  

I wrote a business plan... a habit from the old days... it is about 60 pages and has everything from goals, projections, expansion plans, scalabiilty, social media and digital plans, sales tactics and budgets.  True to form and very much like the business plans of old... my plan didn't last the first 4 months.  This verticle, this space is one that I am a stranger to.  I made best guess estimates on projections and sales, eyeballed budgets and ledgers...  I can happily say that I blew threw both the projections and budgets!!  

So now I am about 5 months in and close to a new calendar year...  I have to reset goals, modify plans but most importantly... I have to remember why I started doing this... Firstly to spend more time with family, secondly to help people and animals in need and thirdly because as my seven year old grows older in this disposable age we live in... I want to amass and pass one an iota of the information that is out there on being able to make something with your hands.  There is no doubt that he will grow up to be someone that gets paid for his mind... but that doesnt discount the need to be able to create with your hands as well.  

Stay tuned... more to come.  Ever more ever more...